About Maluso Music


Maluso Music is an online digital Music platform that promotes and rewards music from around the world. The system is popular in Africa with its “easy to use approach”. Maluso is the fastest growing online platform for selling and buying music. Maluso’s vision is to create an equal platform for buying, selling and promotion of music around the world. Maluso is committed to scouting, identifying, training, promoting and rewarding talent in Africa and around the world, through a very advanced system, yet very user friendly.


The content is divided into four categories of songs, Artists, Genres and Albums. Under the songs, albums and artists the content is sorted according to Date of release, polarity and Alphabetical order. The genres, categorizes the songs according to the type of the songs and on each genre the songs are sorted according to time of release and popularity.

The home page contains the summary of the best ten songs that are rated according to number of Likes, downloads and number of times that it has been streamed. Trending Albums and artists are also aligned according to the number of downloads.


Maluso is a platform that is open to any artists across the Africa who plan to sell or promote their songs. The platform has been designed for easy registration and upload of content for artists. Before the material, is published online it is first evaluated by Maluso Distributors. Maluso Distributors are carefully, chosen Radio Stations, TV Stations and Record Labels, that engage directly with the artist. Every artist is expected to choose a distributor during the registration.

Music Audience

Maluso understands that music varies with culture and region and to create a successful platform for the music audience is to bring preference music first to the audience. The music audience can create user accounts that lets them access features like subscribing to favorite so that content is presented according to preference. The Music audience can also express their interest to the song through like and dislike button. Through the account the users are alerted for new release of their favorite artists and they can also use their account to purchase songs.


Maluso has been designed to create an equal platform for all artists across the Africa. Artists can upload music on their own and manage their own profiles.

Every artist has an account that gives them statistics of how their music is performing and number of subscribers and downloads. Through their account they can write and receive messages their distributor and Maluso Administrator. Every artist will have to be confirmed by a registered distributor that the artist chooses during or after registration. Every song uploaded or updated, will still have to be verified by the distributor, that the artists is registered to, before they go public. In cases when the artist has issues with the distributor, a complaint can be filed to the Maluso Administrator via the message in the artists respective account.

Steps for uploading songs on maluso

  1. Registering as a professional artist
    The first step is registering as an artist, at the tab of registration. During registration you are expected to choose a distributor, who can verify your music. An artist can change to another distributor after thirty days of registration.
  2. Uploading Songst
    After opening an account, an artist can upload a song as a single or upload the entire album. Once the songs have been uploaded, they will not appear to the public side until a distributor approves the songs. During the upload an artist choses the release date, either to back date or post date, to a preferred future date.
  3. Approve of the Songs
    Once the songs have been approved, they automatically go online and appear on the public side. If the artist chose a future release date, the songs will not appear to the public side until the release date. There after the artists are notified via e-mail, on mile stone downloads and subscriptions.

These are Radio and TV stations, Producers and record labels, who verify the artist account and songs and make sure that the artists are creating accounts that are real. Distributors can also create their own accounts, but they can only be verified by the Maluso Administrators. They have their own Dashboard, where they get to see the songs and songs that are pending, rejected and verified and other details on the artists that they are managing

Maluso Administrator

Maluso team also has a team has an account that it verifies the distributor. The administrator’s role is to find reputable distributors who would make sure that music by credible artists is put on the online store. The administrator also acts


Maluso Music is a subsidiary of Raymka Group Limited, registered in Republic of Malawi, Southern Africa.