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Bwenzi langa - Pro-H
Pangano - Pro-H
Ebenezah - Pro-H
Mutiyendere - Pro-H ft. GM
Yendani - Pro-H
Tidalira - Pro-H
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Genres: Gospel
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Pro H's REAL Name is Herbert Yakobe born to Henry W. Yakobe Banda and Patricia Leriya Naphiri Gamulani on 13th March, 1990. Home village is Dowa, T/A Chiwere Academically obtained an MSCE in 2008 at Michiru View Boys Secondary School Herbert first surfaced into the musical scene in 2000 after Joining Chipulumutso Nursery Choir of Dzenza C.C.A.P. and entered a different phase in 2014 after Joining Agape Life Praise team In 2008, Pro H pursued a sole Music career & released a 1st Album titled Mfalisi.. Produced by BFB with 11 tracks 2017 Released an album With Aboundant Life Praise Team "Maximizing Productivity" Currently working on a second Album; *Yahwe* with *Matrix Music* produced by Sispence. working with great Instrument players including *Singer Drew* and *Marko* Pro H is currently leaning how to play an acoustic guitar and Music production; Working on FL 12&20, NUENDO and Cubase.

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