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Khavwaa!! - Nyekah
Ndakusowa - Nyekah ft. Mady P
Ndidziwe - Nyekah
Satana - Nyekah ft. Oz Bee (Prod by Prengo & D. K)
Kunamizira Ghetto - Nyekah ft. Trap C, Jah Flavor & Congo Blunty
Kumasamala - Nyekah ft. Zwangie
Mlimi wa Dancehall - Nyekah ft. Jah Flavor
Love Criminal - Nyekah ft. Ntchana
Nthawi - Nyekah (Prod by H.B.K & D.K)
One Man - Nyekah
Anayambitsa Ndani.? - Nyekah ft. Bob Jee
Amangowawirabe - Nyekah
Escom - Nyekah ft. Enamel, Jah Flavor & Mingah
Ndasankha Iwe - Nyekah ft. Bob Jee
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About Artist

Nyekah is a Lilongwe based dancehall artist whose real name is Innocent Nyekanyeka. Born on 1st May,1995 in a family of three children, he started doing music in the year 2013 at falls Baptist secondary school. Since then he has worked with artists like Ntchana, Jah flavor, Bob jee, Enamel and Jargon Curtis and some of the Producers he has worked with include Kauden of City lights, Mwenecho, Aloybiz and Kenji of Trupa records. His passion to do dancehall music comes from his desire to represent his home area kaliyeka ghetto and put it on the map.

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+265 882 53 36 78 +265 996 19 35 73