Mavin Kanyawayi
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06. Malawi - Mavin Kanyawayi
13. Only You (Valentines Riddim) - Mavin Kanyawayi
2. Farm Ville - Mavin Kanyawayi
21. Rising (Chaponda Riddim) - Mavin Kanyawayi
12. New Name (City Lights Riddim) - Mavin Kanyawayi
02. Set Me Free - Mavin Kanyawayi
A B C D - Mavin Kanyawayi
04. Dream (Money Back Riddim) - Mavin Kanyawayi
10. Omnipresent - Mavin Kanyawayi
20. Same Old Story [F.t One Swinxx & Triple G] - Mavin Kanyawayi ft. One Swinxx & Triple G
18. New Name Remix [F.t De Zenzo] - Mavin Kanyawayi ft. De Zenzo
23. Illusion - Mavin Kanyawayi
17. Monster Gal [F.t Eniemilzy] - Mavin Kanyawayi ft. Eniemilzy
16. Interlude 2 - Mavin Kanyawayi
08. Big Tings [F.t C-Triz] - Mavin Kanyawayi ft. C-Triz
03. The Triangle [F.t Chicco & Prim C] - Mavin Kanyawayi ft. Chicco, Prim C
15. Unfeigned Love [F.t Tiny] - Mavin Kanyawayi
13. Remember - Mavin Kanyawayi
22. Deceitful Relief - Mavin Kanyawayi
19. Why - Mavin Kanyawayi
09. Interlude 1 - Mavin Kanyawayi
12. What A Blessing - Mavin Kanyawayi
05. Mothering - Mavin Kanyawayi
01. Intro - Mavin Kanyawayi
11. Two Ways - Mavin Kanyawayi
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About Artist

MAVIN KANYAWAYI Mavin Kanyawayi,, formerly well-known as Slo Tizo, he is a promising upcoming reggae dancehall artist, a fourth year student at LUANAR pursuing Bachelors in General Agriculture. Kanyawayi has a power of anticipation which has long since seen him thriving without support system in his music career. This has come with critics from his fans for not promoting his music to showcase his talent. Real Name “Solomon Tembo”, Slo Tizo first started play¬ing music out of curios¬ity more than any¬thing else; he emerged into the music scene with the influence from Evison Matafale and some popular international reggae artist, the likes of Gentleman and Norrisman. He actively stepped into music Industry in 2014 when he released three singles, What A blessing, Seems Far yet close and Remember with Chit-chat records a Dj Sley production. The Following year, together with with Chit-chat records, he went on to release his first Mix Tape titled Farm Ville which had 13 songs. Slo tizo has released numerous singles including Mothers love, Change ft BFF and Kakonzeka, just to mention a few. Under the name “Slo tizo” Kanyawayi has as well worked with several producers, the likes of BFB, TKMore, Twiggy of Kukaning’inako and Dkez Walker. In 2016, a year after Releasing Farm Ville Mixtape, Kanyawayi released his second official compilation Jah Sound EP with Dkez Walker which comprised 8 songs, Victory, Herb Voice and Praises ft Hala Music among others. Later the same year, Slo Tizo decided to change his Name to Mavin Kanyawayi after a series of unexpected events, personal awareness and transformation. Mavin is a Hebrew name which means A man of understanding who pass on knowledge unto others while Kanyawayi means A friend of Mine. As a way of instituting his name, he released 2 DanceHall hit singles Why and New name, the latter which featured in Dkez Walker’s City Lights Riddim. Mavin Kanyawayi has also worked with a number of artists, the likes of Black Face Family, C-Triz, One Swinxy, Slyvenous, Climax and Jay Jay C, among others. Mavin is currently working on his second official compilation The New Name Mix tape, the compilation which will feature Only you from Valentines Riddim, a Roy View and Trumel production and Rising from Chaponda Riddim, a Warge records production. New Name Mixtape will contain 15 songs, including Mothering, Why, Big tings ft C-Triz and it is scheduled to be released year end 2017.

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