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Amazing love - Lonje and Kho ft. Ulemu
Zomwe wandichitira remix - Lonje and Kho
Spirit of God - Lonje and Kho
Kuthekela Kwatsopano - Lonje and Kho
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Lonje (Lonjezo Daudi) and Kho (Kondwani Bandula) are Malawian Gospel Artists. They started singing together in the year 2007. Lonje and Kho met at the university of Malawi, the Malawi Polytechnic and recorded their first song together in 2008 and Lo-Budget Studio. Lonje and Kho released two albums (Sizipanganika and Tikupita) at Polytechnic. These albums were not released to the public but only distributed to Students at the University. The first album to be released publicly, Adakalipobe (Wina uyo), was released in 2014. This was a double release as it was released with another album called Zomwe wandichitira Lonje and Kho are born again Christians and their mission is to win souls to God through their Music Ministry.

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+265884231066, lonjeandkho@gmail.com, lonjezodaudi@gmail.com