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Left With You - Bustle-P ft. Bouncy
Pa Easy - Bustle-P ft. Traitor
Timi Tchana - Bustle-P
LIFAR (Love Is For A Reason) - Bustle-P
Sad Songs - Bustle-P
Next Level - Bustle-P ft. Postnegative
Left Hand Man - Bustle-P
Lonely People - Bustle-P
Nicest Way - Bustle-P
All My Life - Bustle-P
Nicest Way (Clean) - Bustle-P
Hot - Bustle-P ft. Bouncy
Sukusuntha - Bustle-P ft. Traitor
Aim High - Bustle-P ft. Clevaathon
Good Times - Bebesa
14 Songs
Genres: Hip-Hop / Rap
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About Artist

Bustle-P is a Zomba based Hip-Hop/Rap artist associated with Terminalz Lab Rec.

Booking / Business

For Booking Contact : Bustlepmayoo@gmail.com or Use Our Facebook Page "Bustle-P".